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Deepening Your Emotional Connection

Are you and your partner starting to feel like roommates? Maybe your relationship is good over-all but you feel you're lacking the closeness and intimacy you used to have together. This month Maegan suggests some fail-proof tips to deepen your emotional connection...
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“My husband and I came to Maegan for marital counseling a few years ago. At the time I was a worn out mother and my relationship with my husband, while not horrible, was not thriving. We went to Maegan for over a year. During that time I experienced a deeper understanding of myself and of my husband. I now approach my life and marriage in a very new way because I just think differently (as a result of counseling). If I could name a single person that helped me to regain personal joy and vitality in my marriage it would be Maegan. It was through her very intense listening and thoughtful responses that I was able to make more progress in my life in one year than I had in all my previous 20 years of reading self-help books.”

“My (now) husband and I saw Maegan for our pre-marital counseling and we had a great experience! She really took the time to get to know us and was honest and up-front about how many sessions we needed and what we needed to talk about. I liked that the sessions were very relaxed, but professional and productive.  She gave us helpful homework that was not time consuming. Maegan is intuitive and empathetic and also a great objective “referee.” I would recommend her for individual and couples counseling to any friends or family!”

“With Maegan’s help, my partner and I were able to heal long-standing issues and vastly improve our communication.  We aren’t just surviving our relationship or settling, we are actually thriving.  We are truly happy in a way I didn’t think possible. We simply wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for working with Maegan.”

“My wife and I have improved tremendously expressing our emotions, being vulnerable, seeing situations from the other person’s view, and just being aware and involved.  We had a fight on Monday that only lasted a few minutes, didn’t escalate as usual and more importantly we were able to apologize after the fact and get resolution and more forward.  That could not have happened without Maegan’s help.”

“I’ve done therapy with Maegan for a few months and she has made a huge difference in my life. Looking back at our work together, I see significant progress in areas that were very difficult to change. She had a unique and deep insight into the issues I struggled with, an array of different techniques (that at times forced me out of my comfort zone!), and huge amounts of compassion. Thanks to Maegan, I have a much better understanding of myself and my emotions, I started developing skills that help me cope with difficult times, and overall I am a calmer and a more positive person.”

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