Meet Laura

I am thrilled that you are considering investing in your relationship and sexual health! Maybe you’re experiencing a happy, stable period in your life and are hoping to enrich yourself and your relationships. Or perhaps you’re experiencing something painful and scary and are desperate for help, hope, and relief. Regardless of what brings you here today, psychotherapy is an investment worth making, and I would be honored to join you on the journey.

Laura Kille, BA, MA Candidate 

Professional Qualifications:


Lewis & Clark Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapist Intern


Clinical Supervisor: Maegan Megginson, MA, LMFT, LPC, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist


Former Sex Educator



Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Women’s Studies - University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Master of Arts Candidate in Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy - Lewis and Clark College

My Mission…

It is my mission to help those who may be suffering from sexual health issues and/or negative body image.  Body dissatisfaction can often be interwoven into our lives and can sometimes negatively affect our relationships.  I am continually trying to understand how body politics and sexual politics intersect, and how we see ourselves in relation to these concepts.
It is my intention to help clients feel at ease discussing sensitive topics.  It is my understanding that we, as humans, have a strong desire to connect with others.  When we explore our thoughts and feelings with intention and understanding, we may find ourselves discovering a new path of connection and healing.

My Journey…

I have had a long-standing interest in human sexuality.  I have had formal education through my undergraduate degree and I have also worked in positions that focus on sexual health.  I was a sex educator in Colorado for a number of years, which was a very enriching experience.  When I decided to attend graduate school, the option for a Sex Therapy Certificate was very appealing.  Lewis and Clark College has offered me a space where I can explore these areas of interest in depth.  It is my mission to offer a space that is inclusive and non-judgmental; Social Justice is at the root of my practice as a therapist in training.
As a client, you should know that I am body-positive.  Body positivity means that I am welcoming of all types of bodies–no matter size, shape, color, gender, sexuality or ability status.  Being body-positive also means that I understand that our bodies naturally change over time; and that your personal worth is not tied to what your body can do, or what it looks like.  If you have a body, you are welcome here!
You should also know that I call myself “fat” because the word “fat” has been actively used in our society to disenfranchise a population of people.  The word has been used as an insult, and I am personally reclaiming that term as a term of empowerment for myself.  I do not believe the word “fat” is a ‘bad word’, but only a description like “the sky is blue”.  When we take the power away from these types of insults, we can learn to heal and feel empowered.
When I am not in the office, I am studying or in classes.  As graduate student with a family, there isn’t much free time!  When I do have a moment, I will most likely be found at a local Portland diner, laying in the grass at a local park, at the Oregon Coast or at a show at the Alberta Rose Theater.

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