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There is a widespread misconception that you only need to use lube when one partner experiences dryness issues or if you’re experiencing pain with intercourse. While lube is of huge use in both those instances, adding lubricant to your sex life whether solo or with a partner is highly beneficial.

Having a healthy sex life be that with a partner or in solo sessions has health benefits and is a mood enhancer. Sex toys give people an outlet to achieve a climax should they want one in a solo session or many people use them to spice up a sex session with a partner. One of the many benefits of lube is that it can heighten sensations so that’s always welcome.

Another great benefit of lube is that it often takes away that concern about penetration issues which occurs for some. Sometimes nerves and concerns can hold us back in enjoying ourselves though we may genuinely want to experience those sensations. This manifests itself in tense muscles which can prevent a smooth entry. Lube can ease the situation allowing easier entries which in turn will create a sense of comfort and hopefully reduce any fears and tensions about it “not going well”.

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys highlights the background to lubricant and why you need it in your sex life. It explains its uses, the types available for different scenarios, how much to use and lots more. Check it all out below.

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