Gender & Sexual Diversity

Finding a therapist knowledgeable and affirming of gender and sexually diverse folks can be challenging. You deserve to feel safe and understood in therapy. We are committed to providing quality therapy to folks whose stories have been silenced and have been left in the margins. Our hope is that you will feel welcome in our practice and will know that your identities and relationships are celebrated.


We can help you with…

  • LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy
  • Sex & intimacy in queer relationships
  • Ethical Non-monogamy
  • BDSM/Kink
  • Questioning gender or sexual identity
  • Asexuality
  • Trans issues
  • Coming out process
  • Mixed orientation relationships
  • Fluid identities

How we help

Your story is uniquely yours. You deserve a therapist well-versed in the complexities of human sexuality and relationships to help you achieve your goals. We don’t take a “cookie-cutter” approach to sex and relationship therapy. Using our knowledge of human sexuality and the needs of gender and sexually diverse folks, we will work together to create a customized therapy plan just for you. We are committed to helping you using the highest standards of specialized care, compassion, and professionalism. We will work with you to get you paired with a therapist who has particular expertise around your needs.


What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is like traditional psychotherapy with specific focus on addressing physical or psychological concerns related to sexual health. Sex therapy is entirely talk therapy; there is no touching during sessions. The therapist may give you and your partner(s) tasks/exercises to perform outside of session on your own time.

Can therapy help me understand my sexual identity?

Yes! Questioning your sexual identity can feel confusing and challenging. We understand that you may be feeling shame, confusion and isolation. We take an affirming stance so that you can identify and embrace your most authentic sexual self.

How can I know that my therapist is really affirming and informed about my identity or experience?

We offer free phone consultations with your potential therapist so that you can get to know them and their approach. We want you to feel comfortable engaging in self-advocacy and asking your therapist specific questions about their areas of expertise and knowledge. If you feel comfortable, this is a great time to let your therapist know about important identities and to ask questions about their related training.

Do you have therapists who identify as gender or sexually diverse?

We leave it up to each therapist to share identities they may hold, and the decision to do this may depend on their therapeutic style. You can check out our therapist bios under the “meet the team” tab for more information about each therapist.

Do you work with open or polyamorous relationships?

Absolutely. We are affirming of ethically non-monogamous relationships and families, and are committed to providing quality relationship and sex therapy to you and/or your partners. You can check out our blog series on ethical non-monogamy to get more information on the kinds of issues we may address together.

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