Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning

Selecting a therapist knowledgeable of LGBTQ issues can be difficult. We know that your life experiences cannot be compared to clients in the heterosexual and cisgender communities. We’re here to understand your unique story and assist you in achieving your sexual and relationship goals.


Areas of Practice

  • LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy
  • The Coming Out Process
  • Questioning Gender identity or Sexual Orientation
  • Transgender Issues
  • Sex/Intimacy in Same-Sex Relationships

How we help

Your story is uniquely yours. You deserve a therapist well versed in the complexities of human sexuality to help you achieve your goals. We don’t take a “cookie-cutter” approach to sexuality or sex therapy. Using our knowledge of human sexuality, we will work together to create a customized therapy plan just for you. We are committed to helping you using the highest standards of specialized care, compassion, and professionalism.

Understanding Your Sex, Gender, and Attractions

Gender Identity

How you, in your head, define your gender, based on how much you align (or don’t align) with what you understand to be the options for gender

Gender Expression

The ways you present gender, through your actions, dress, and demeanor, and how those presentations are interpreted based on gender norms

Biological Sex

The physical sex characteristics you’re born with and develop, including genitalia, body shape, voice pitch, body hair, hormones, chromosomes, etc.

Sexual Orientation

Who you are physically, spiritually, and emotionally attracted to, based on their sex/gender in relation to your own

* Special thanks to It’s Pronounced Metrosexual for providing this wonderful educational content!

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What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is like traditional psychotherapy that, specifically, addresses physical or psychological concerns related to sexual health. Sex therapy is entirely talk therapy; there is no touching during sessions. The therapist may give you and your partner tasks/exercises to perform outside of session on your own time.

Can therapy help me understand my gender identity?

Absolutely. Questioning your gender identify is a scary and overwhelming experience. We are here to help you better understand yourself and identify what you need to change to life a more satisfying life.


Ready to talk? We’re ready to listen.

Reaching out for help can be nerve-wracking. We're here to help guide you through the process with compassion, understanding, and professionalism. We'll respond to your inquiry within 48 business hours.