Romantic relationships are complicated. The longer you’re together, the more complicated they become. We need to be excellent communicators about logistics and romance, we need to be able to heal and forgive when ruptures inevitably occur, we need to be able to engage sexually to keep the spark alive, and we need to do it all while navigating busy and stressful lives. It is no wonder the divorce rate in our country is so incredibly high!

Couples and Sex Therapist Maegan Megginson wants to change that. She was honored to be interviewed by Keri Roberts on the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things Podcast for a four part series about relationship improvement.

In Mastering Our Romantic Relationships, Maegan and Keri set out to explore the four main problem areas in long-term relationships (communication, forgiveness, sex, and relationship/life balance) with clear and actionable suggestions for you to implement in your relationship right away.

Click on the links below to listen to the episodes:

Part 1 – Mastering Communication

Part 2 – Mastering Forgiveness

Part 3 – Mastering Touch and Intimacy

Part 4 – Mastering Balance: How to Make Time for Your Relationship


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