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We’re glad you’re here. We created this page to answer your questions about working with us via our secure online therapy platform. Take a look around and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Curious to see what it’s like to do an online therapy session?

Watch here as our founder, Maegan Megginson, shows you exactly what to expect during an online therapy session.

There are a lot of myths about online therapy!

It’s not secure, it isn’t as effective, it won’t work for couples! Sound familiar? Check out Maegan’s interview on KATU dispelling the four common myths about online therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Therapy

Is online therapy secure?
Your privacy is our number one priority. We use a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform to conduct our online sessions. This means that your virtual therapy room is safe and secure.
Is online therapy effective?

We have been practicing online therapy for years! We won’t lie to you and say that it is exactly the same, but we can confidently say that it is just as effective as in-person appointments. Most clients say that they feel completely at ease after their first one or two online therapy sessions. Plus, we get to see your cats, and that makes us very happy.

Does online therapy work for couples?
It sure does! Your therapist will make suggestions about your setup to ensure you’re positioned for success from home. We even have some couples who meet with us from their car while a sitter tends to the kids inside! We prefer that you and your partner are in the same space for your couples session, but it is possible to meet from different locations if that works better for you.
When will you not work with couples online?

We will not work with couples via telehealth if there is any threat of domestic violence in the relationship. Our priority is to keep you safe, and we won’t subject you to dangerous situations when we’re not there to intervene. Click here, here, and here for local domestic violence resources.

I am not located in the state of Oregon. Can I still work with your team?

Unfortunately, due to state licensure requirements, we are only able to work with clients who are physically located in the state of Oregon. If you are not located in Oregon, we recommend using,, or to locate a therapist in your state.

I don’t like technology. Is this system complicated?

We use a system called Telehealth by SimplePractice. We love this system because it is, well, Simple! All you have to do is click on a link from your email to join the video call. No downloads required. You can watch the video at the top of this page to see the system in action. You can also click here to access the Telehealth FAQs for Clients page directly from SimplePractice.

Can I do online appointments from my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can use your smartphone or tablet for your online session. Click here for instructions on how to access your appointment via your phone or tablet.

How can I troubleshoot before my session to make sure my computer works?

Click here and here for step-by-step troubleshooting instructions and tips for success.

What happens if there is a technical problem or the internet stops working?

We love online therapy, but it is true that sometimes our technology glitches or stops working due to variables that are out of our control. That is why we keep our cell phones handy during our appointments. We tell our clients to keep their phone handy and assure them that we will call them quickly if we lose connection. Worst case scenario, we finish our session via phone, which is still effective and helpful!

What if I don’t have privacy in my house?

This can be a tricky issue to navigate. Of course, we want you to feel safe and comfortable during your therapy appointment, and this means trusting that you have privacy for your session! Your therapist can help you troubleshoot creative ideas for creating privacy for your appointments during your phone consultation. Also, don’t worry if you have kids at home who may interrupt — we’re all human, and we can work with interruptions as they arise!

What should I do if I’m interested in starting therapy but am still feeling hesitant about the online platform?

If you’re still feeling hesitant about the online platform, we recommend that you schedule a free thirty minute phone consultation with your potential therapist to chat about your needs and your concerns about online therapy. You will know by the end of that call if you’re comfortable trying online therapy for a session or two or if you need a referral to a different provider. Either way, we’re happy to help.

Why is The Center for Couples & Sex Therapy a telehealth only practice?

We have decided to prioritize the health and safety of our staff, our clients, and our community by remaining closed to in-person appointments until a vaccine and treatment for COVID-19 are available. We do not want to risk anyone’s health when we have the ability to work together effectively via telehealth.

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