Sex Therapy is a subspecialty of psychotherapy, focusing on specific concerns related to human sexuality. Relationship and sexual health concerns are often complex and require a counselor with specialized training in couples and sex therapy. We’re here to help you and your partner enhance your emotional and sexual connection.


Healthy sexuality has a 15-20% positive role in improving your relationship with your partner.

Problematic, conflictual, and avoidant sexuality has a 50-75% negative effect on your relationship by destroying intimacy and threatening relationship stability. 


We understand the devastating consequences sexual problems have on relationships.

We are here to help restore healthy sexuality in your relationship.

We help couples overcome…

  • Discomfort discussing sexuality
  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Pain During Sex
  • Difficulty with Erections
  • Difficulty with Orgasm
  • Infertility and Sex
  • Post-Partum Sexuality
  • Issues with Pornography
  • Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior (a.k.a. Sex Addiction)

Can Couples Sex Therapy really help my relationship?

Sex and intimacy are at the very core of the human experience. Research shows that we typically take healthy sexuality for granted – meaning when things are going well, we feel happy and don’t think much about our sexuality; however, when our sex lives are suffering, the stress, frustration, fear, and hopelessness we feel overwhelm our daily life and negatively impact our relationship. If your relationship and sex life are suffering, please know you are not alone. We are here to help you find the love and pleasure you deserve.


What is the difference between a sex therapist and a couples therapist?

Sex therapy and couples therapy are separate subspecialties of mental health counseling. Treating sexual concerns requires specialized, post-graduate training and certification. Treating couples requires intensive training in evidence-supported couples counseling techniques. We specialize in both couples and sex therapy.

What happens in sex therapy?

Sex therapy is like traditional psychotherapy that, specifically, addresses physical or psychological concerns related to sexual health. Sex therapy is entirely talk therapy; there is no touching during sessions. The therapist may give you and your partner tasks/exercises to perform outside of session on your own time. Common issues addressed include: low sexual desire, painful sex, concerns regarding past sexual trauma, concerns about sexual interests or sexual orientation, trouble with reaching orgasm, and other sexual health issues.

Do I need to be in a relationship to be in sex therapy?

No! We treat individuals with sexual concerns as well as couples. It’s important to feel confident in yourself as a sexual person! We can help you achieve your individual sexual health goals.

If I’m in a relationship, should my partner come too?

This depends on many different variables. We recommend scheduling a phone consultation to discuss your unique situation with one of our therapists. We’ll be able to decide then if you should come in with your partner or individually.

Does a sex therapist provide marriage counseling?

Not all sex therapists provide marriage counseling, but we specialize in both sex and couples therapy, making us the perfect choice for couples looking to deepen their emotional and sexual connection.

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